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10: Unclassifiable Artifacts
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Multiple Use Artifacts
Carved by a sheepherder from the Basque Country; may have been made in either Idaho or the Basque Country and is extremely well made; may be used for sheepherding or Basque art exhibits and may be perfect next to arborglyphs to show how else sheepherders created art
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Mrs. Pauline Anderson and Jim Anderson
Shepherds Shovel Basque art
Hand carved wooden shovel that has been hand painted; donor file says that it is a minimum of 60 years old and could have been brought from the Basque Country; given to donor by an Elmore County Deputy; hand carved and painted by a sheepherder in the mountains around Mountain Home; name of sheepherder unknown but was sheepherder in the U.S. for the 1940's and 1950's; the entire shovel is one piece of wood and is painted gold with the back of the shovel blade painted black; the front of the blade is a painting of a wood with alders and two deer staring at a woman in a red shawl that is behind and to the right of the deer; pines are in the background and it is overcast and looks to be a fall day; the left side of the blade has a large portion of its side either shaved off or splintered off and has been painted over, probably before the BMCC received and most likely while the shepherd owned seeing as it has the same color as the other gold surrounding the edge of the painting; slight wear on back of blade; found in CS1.Row2.SEC2.SHF4 by Jeff Washurn on 6/26/2009