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7: Distribution & Transportation Artifact
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Box, Storage
box was made by 1st generation American Basque boy in 1908; amazingly well made for 9 year old making the box; eggs may be interesting to see what birds laid them
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Paul Azcuenaga
eggs birds eggs first generation American
Handmade Wooden box that is painted white except for the bottom; white box carries 34 eggs that have been hollowed out by a needle on one side or have been cracked; the box is white, except for the bottom and was made in 1908 by Louis Azcuenaga when he was 9 years old in the Jordan Valley; the top of the box is made of two pieces of wood that are the length of the box horizontally and come together to make the full length vertically; they are connected by two rods of wood that are rounded on top but not on the bottom where they connect to the box through tacks and nails; the lid is held onto the box by two stiff straps of leather on the back that is painted white but some of the leather is showing due to wear; they seem to be tacked down on both sides; the front of the lid also has a strap in the middle and this one is also painted white and tacked to the lid but has a small hole that is meant to go over a nail on the front of the box; the box itself is made of multiple pieces of wood with one for each side and one large one for the bottom; the inside has six vertical rows that have dividers made of different pieces of wood and are painted white just like the rest of the inside; the inside of each of the rows is layered by sheep wool and each row has a number of eggs on top of th wool with wool covering them also; in all there are 34 eggs with, from the left to right go 7, 6, 6, 5, 5, 5 eggs in each row respectively; these eggs also get slightly larger in size from left to right and are different types and colors with most having speckles and are colored in reddish brown, tan, brown, grey, black and blue; found in CS1.Row2.SEC1.SHF2 by Jeff Washburn on 7/21/2009