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7: Distribution & Transportation Artifact
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Box, Storage
box was made by 1st generation American Basque boy in 1908; amazingly well made for 9 year old making the box; eggs may be interesting to see what birds laid them
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Paul Azcuenaga
eggs birds eggs first generation American
Handmade wooden box that is painted white except for the bottom; white box carries 22 large eggs and one very small egg that have been hollowed out by a needle on one side or have been cracked; the box is white, except for the bottom and was made in 1908 by Louis Azcuenaga when he was 9 years old in the Jordan Valley; the top of the box is made of two pieces of wood that are the length of the box horizontally and come together to make the full length vertically; they are connected by two rods of wood that are rounded on top but not on the bottom where they connect to the box through tacks and nails; the lid is held onto the box by two stiff straps of leather on the back that is painted white but some of the leather is showing due to wear; they seem to be tacked down on both sides; the front of the lid also has a nail that may have held a strap in the middle that was meant to be tacked to the lid but has a small hole that is meant to go over a nail on the front of the box; the box itself is made of multiple pieces of wood with one for each side and one large one for the bottom; the inside has four horizontal rows that have dividers made of different pieces of wood and are painted white just like the rest of the inside; the inside of each of the rows is layered by sheep wool and each row has a number of eggs on top of the wool with wool covering them also; in all there are 23 eggs with, from the front to back go 5, 5, 5, 8 eggs in each row respectively; these eggs also are different types and colors with most having speckles and are colored in reddish brown, tan, brown, grey, black and blue; found in CS1.Row2.SEC1.SHF2 by Jeff Washburn on 7/21/2009