8: Communication Artifact
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Rosita Artis
Driving Racing
Picture including small picture on the right and the white label
Black and white photo of Henry Alegria Driving a 1919 Ford on a dirt track; photo has a white label on he top right corner that explains the where when and what had happened which states: "Car-- 1919- Ford T. Frontenac Head One Mile Dirt Tract Time-1 Mile-49seconds 73.47-MPH Year 1919-June 9th Place- Orchard & Fairview- Boise, Idaho Car-Built at Custom Shop-14th L.A. Calif. Mechanic(misspelled at first but written in by hand)- Jim Sulivan- Wash. D.C. Photographer-Johnson & Son- Boise Driver- HENRY ALEGRIA Boise. Idaho" on the right side there is an oval photo that is of two drivers that is cut and pasted onto the photograph of the car on the dirt track; on he back there is an autograph of Espe Alegria, wife of Henry Alegria; Frame is wood and worn, put together by nails; Found by Jeff Washburn on 6/2/2009 in CS1.Row4.SEC1. SHF6