8: Communication Artifact
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Geneva Ayarra
Front of Picture
Copy of picture from the newspaper article 1998.002.001 showing Marie and Dave Ayarra and Jeanne Somsen, age 2; it is from a Salt Lake Tribune Newspaper from Wednesday June3rd, 1964 in page B-11 about a Basque Fundraising event at the Hiawatha Hotel in Hailey, Idaho; all three are dressed in traditional Basque clothing, with Jeanne holding a toy bota; Found in CS1.Row4.SEC2.SHF4 by Jeff Washburn on 6/1/2009; the back holds two notes; one is light brown and is headlined by "120 undeveloped film Basque Benefit 5/30" while the blue note is from "The Salt Lake Tribune Art"; Signature and red stamp also posted on the bottom