8: Communication Artifact
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Justo Sarria
Handball Pala
Front of picture; notice the bends on the outside and creases
Large Picture of Retegi II playing Handball; Retegi II is in full stride and has just hit the ball with his left hand back towards the far wall; he is outstretched in a lunging position and has a red jersey and white shoes and pants, both with three black stripes coming down the sides; in the background is a green wall with the number 4 in an orange shield with a vertical line that starts above the shield and turns into a flag pole for a painted on Euskadi flag; above the painted on flag and line is the word "Motz" in white; on the back of the picture is the caption "Partido: Retgui-Lasa/ Unanua- Errandonea" meaning that it was a double match; below this is "21/6/97 Zarrutz Fronton: Aritzbatalde" which means that it was played on June 21, 1997 at the Arizbatalde Fronton; all writing in blue pen; picture is bent and has all corners bent; found in Red Adidas Jersey of greatest handball player, Julian Retegui Barberria, AKA Retegi II; on back across the shoulders in white block letters is name "Retegi II"; collar is red but with a white edge; on shoulders going up to collar on each side and to the ends of each of the short sleeves and three white lines very close to each other and going acrross the top of the jersey; the front is plain except for embroidery on each of the breasts; on the right is a blue and red ball with a green background to the right of it and with the name "Asegarce" in white below; on the left breast is "Adidas" in white lettering; on the back in the middle of the back is a quote written in Euskadi and Spanish which is written in black permanent marker, and is signed by Retegi II; found in CS1.CAB1. SHF3 by Jeff Washburn on 7/6/2009