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3: Personal Artifacts
John & Grace Mainvil Collection
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Pierre Lacouague
Personal Gear
Lacouague, Bonificia Mujica Lacouague, Pierre Mainvil, Grace
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John and Grace Mainvil
Emigration and immigration Luggage Travel
This suitcase is more than 60 years old and was used by Pierre Lacouague. It is not the suitcase he brought with him from the Basque country in 1910, but one he acquired in the US. He acquired it in California and used it for traveling. The brown suitcase is either leather or faux-leather on the outside. It has a prominent leather grain pattern on all outside surfaces. The sides have a stiff backing. The bottom corners are reinforced with leather caps. The bottom has a metal hinge in the center of each short side, allowing the whole suitcase to open flat. There are two metal latches on the top; one on each side of the leather-wrapped handle. Two leather straps originate on the half with the handle, the accompanying buckles are on the opposite side. The handle has a blank leather luggage tag with a clear plastic window. The metal key to the lock (under the handle) is tied to the handle with a piece of white yarn. The bottom of the case also has 6 half-dome brass "feet." The inside of the case is a tan vinyl material with a dark brown swirled pattern over it. The half with the handle has a stiff canvas-backed flap with a scalloped edge covering it that can be held down with snaps. A smaller rectangular canvas-backed flap with rounded corners is attached via snaps to the larger flap. The opposite side of the large flap has two pockets that have a snap closure. The half of the case without the handle on the outside has two leather straps with metal buckles. The parents of Grace Mainvil, Pierre Lacouague and Bonificia (Mujica) Lacouague, ran a citrus ranch in San Juan Capistrano, California. They also grew hay, barley, and had milk cows, chickens, etc for subsistence.