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8: Communication Artifact
Sept - Dec 2004
Rosalie did this needlepoint between Sept - Dec., 2004. She had it framed and donated it to the Basque Museum & Cultural Center in memory of Joe P. Uberuaga and Jimmy Jausoro. Rosalie was born in Busturia, Bizkaia in 1923. She came to Yakima, WA when she was 9 months old and came to Boise in High School. She live at Letemendis.
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Picture, Needlework
Brown, Rosalie Garay Uberuaga, Joe. P Jausoro, Jimmy
Needle work of Basque dancers
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Brown, Rosalie Garay
Basque Dancers Basque costume
Framed needlework of Basque dancers; dancing outside; in front of building; 3 couples (man and woman); dancers wear traditional costume; men all white; red beret and sash; women wear white tights; red skirts with black stripes at bottom; black lace up vests; white long sleeve shirts; white caps; all dancers wear shoes that lace up their calves with black straps; all dances have arms raised; one leg in front of them; toe pointed; on dirt; in background right is a brown and orange building; peaked roof; chimney on left side; back left is a green mountain/ hill; surrounded by red matting; covered in glass Black frame: back covered in brown paper; clear scotch tap in bottom right corner; clear scotch tape pieces on left side middle and bottom; two stickers bottom center; larger silver rectangle from "TruGuard UV Protecton"; below a smaller gold rectangle from "Prints Plus" in Boise, Idaho