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3: Personal Artifacts
Neverbreak Trunk, Newark, NJ- one of many brands made and sold by Goldsmith. Goldmsith & Sons, Goldsmith Co. Made trunks under several trade names, including Neverbreak, Nevermar, Everlast, mostly in the 1910s to 1940s. In the 1940s Goldsmith made footlockers under contract to the US Army .
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Personal Gear
Aldape, Connie Bumgarner, Anita
Trunk owned by Connie Aldape
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Bumgarner, Anita
A. Large steamer trunk; metal; metal detail on corners and sides; metal studs all around top, side and on corners; leather handles on each side (total of 2 handles); made up of three strips of leather; 3 metal hinges on back; two large metal clasps on front; large metal lock on front; lock broken; "NEVERBREAK TRUNKS" is stenciled on lock; inside is covered in horizontal striped paper; B. insert; striped cloth on parts of insert that open; top of insert folds back twice; two sections inside insert; 3metal screws on edge of top; 3 leather hooks that hook on to screws to keep top shut; cut outs on side of insert so able to lift it out; C. Misc. Hardware; one long silver screw; one shorter silver screw; one silver nail; one silver round grommet D. handheld mirror; square 5.3 x 5.3cm; white back and sides; yellowed; brown spots; mirror unbroken; corners not smooth E. Metal rod with wooden handles; wood handle is finished; grooved; rod screws apart into two pieces; appears as if another piece attached to end of rod; the use of this piece is unknown; 42cm long