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5: T&E For Science & Technology
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Maintenance T&E
Used in Jayo Boardinghouse, could be used in Cyrus Jacobs Boardinghouse
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Jo Gillespie
Aluminum Pail with handle; pail is aluminum with a small lip at the top of the pail and with no visible markings on the inside or around it except for light wear and light scratching; on the bottom is the caption "Mirro, The Finest Aluminum, Made In U.S.A Tarde Mark Registered, 545 M 501" etched into the aluminum; small rust circle around the bottom; handle is small metal rod or wire that is held to the pail by to hooks that are bolted on opposite ends of the pail by three bolts apiece; hook is fairly elaborate, with an indented place for the handle to be fixed upon on top and one on each side that requires the user to pull handle up to move the handle to a different position; handle is curled through a hole in the hook and connects back to itself; found in CS1.Row3.SEC2.SHF1 by Jeff Washburn on 6/10/2009