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4: T&E For Materials
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Pot, Stock
Food Processing T&E
From Jayo Boardinghouse
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Jo Gillespie
Stock pot with both a handle on one side and a swinging handle; fixed handle is on one side and in a "U" shape and made of the same aluminum as the rest of the pot; Fixed handle is attached to the pot with two metal bolts on each side of the handle where it is bent to hold the handle to go straight out from one side; the other handle is a linger one made of a metal rod with a wooden handle in the middle of its "U" shape with the wood painted black; the handle goes over the entire pot and is connected by two hooks that allow the rod to go through a hole and bend back onto itself; the hook is attached to the pot with three metal bolts; the part holding the hook to the pot is in the shape of a triangle with bolts at each corner; the pot has minor scratches and wear through the inside and outside; the bottom shows some wear and the edge is a little more protruded than the middle of the pot; the middle of the bottom has the caption "No.2364, Wear-Ever" etched on the bottom; after that caption is a circle broken into four pieces by two broad intersecting lines; the four sections have a star in each of them with the word "Aluminum" intersecting from left to right on the broad line with "Tacuco" intersecting from top to bottom; after the circle is the etching "Trade Mark, Made In U.S.A, 14 QTS."; found in CS1.Row3.SEC2.SHF1 by Jeff Washburn on 6/10/2009