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2: Building Furnishings
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Household Accessory
From the Jayo Boardinghouse
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Jo Gillespie
Skeleton key with two teeth and wide bow; bow is oval shaped with wide side of the oval connecting to the shaft; the hole in the middle of the bow is rectangular with a half circle bump protruding from the center of each side; the shaft is circular and is slightly thinner at the bow than at the bit but goes through three circular rings and is enlarged after the process; the three rings are near each other and near the bow; the bit has two teeth, each on opposite sides of the shaft; the teeth are indented twice each from the top, one going halfway through the tooth while the other is right next to the halfway indent and goes all the way through the tooth; the shaft is hollow at the end of the bit and may be hollow all the way through; the key is also much darker than the other keys in this collections if covered by rust or a coating with some silver metal coming through; found in CS1.Row3.SEC2.SHF1 by Jeff Washburn on 6/10/2009