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3: Personal Artifacts
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Chain, Key
Personal Gear
From the Jayo Boardinghouse
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Jo Gillespie
Metal balled keychain with hard plastic key chain item attached to it; the item is greatly worn down with only the outer edges of the logo of "Miller High Life" seen on one side; the other side has a large oval hole and the side away front he chain has two "claws"; each side has a number of bumpy ridges with each side having 8 ridges; the side toward the chain has a small hole that is to allow the chain to pass through; the chain consists of 23 small metal balls with a small clasp that holds one ball from each side of the chain to make a completed keychain; the clasp has an engraving on the outside of it, which says "Mall Chain Mt. Vernon, NY"; found in CS1.Row3.SEC2.SHF1 by Jeff Washburn 6/10/2009