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8: Communication Artifact
ca. 1968
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Documentary Artifact
Araquistain, Paul
A map of Euskadi
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Map Euskadi Basque country
A map of Euskadi (Basque Country); on wood; actual map is just Euskadi so does not fill whole frame; the background where the map does not cover is wood; the map is paper, looks like it was decoupaged onto the wood; map is tan with red and green routes all over it; places are written in green and black; top left half of the map is algae green; on bottom of map "Mapa del PAIS VASCO" is written; there is a total of 13 large gouges in the wood that the map is affixed to; Frame is dark brown; the outer portion of the front of the frame is made to resemble distressed red leather; the inner front portion of the frame is made to resemble light distressed wood The back of the map and frame is covered in brown paper; on the bottom 3 pieces of paper are attached; from left to right there is: 1. a 17.7W x 8.9L, white and blue, map of Euskadi in Spanish, French, and Basque 2. a 9.5W x 21.1L, red, green and white legend of the map in Spanish, French, and Basque 3. a 31.5cmW x 23.5L green with black writing list of important celebrations The map is not covered by glass