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4: T&E For Materials
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Food Service T&E
used for cooking food over an open flame in Basque country, probably in Bizkaia
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Josu Zabala Calzada
Bizkaia cooking
circular piece of cast iron metal connected to three cast iron legs and a cast iron handle on one side that was meant for cooking on open flame; the circular piece is a ring that is fairly flat so that one can put eating items on it; the three legs start at the bottom with jutted out parts to look like feet in that they steady the legs and go up to support the ring above the flame so that one may put a pot of plate on it with the legs curling inward after being bolted to the ring and having an arrow like look to them ; the handle is straight out and horizontal from the ring and is just above one of the legs and has a hole at the end of the handle from which to hang from; the entire object is covered in rust so badly that you are not able to see the actual metal anymore; found in CS1.CAB3.SHF4 by Jeff Washburn on 7/23/2009