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4: T&E For Materials
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Food Service T&E
used and possibly made in the Basque country
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Matilde Goitiandia Lecona
Liquor Alcohol Basque
Clear bottle that has diamond shaped pattern throughout the cylindrical shape part of it with a red metal screw on cap and a large colorful label on the front of the bottle; the label on the front is a hexagon with very short top and bottom sides so that the hexagon looks like a diamond; the edge is white with writing all around it; inside of that is tan with a white circle in the middle holding what looks to be between a mix between a man and a monkey holding a bottle with a red cap with a picnic basket on the left with 5 more bottles, a bottle to the right and a the person holding a scroll with his right hand with his tail going out to the right and circling about him; above him is a small red, white and tan coat of arms that has two castles and lions on it; the coat of arms dissects a red scroll that reads "Anisado" on the left and "Refinado" on the right; the bottom has on a red scroll "Vicente Bosch"; below that is a black rectangle with white lettering of "Badalona"; to he left and right is coin like objects depicting the Republic of France and of Paris and on the other side of Spain and Madrid; the back has a small hexagon shaped label that has the barcode on it with three coins on each side flanking it and with a coat of arms above; the front above the label and the diamond pattern is a smooth area that holds the name "Anis del Mono" in white on a red background; in the glass around the small label is "Vicente Bosch Badalona" in raised glass; the cap is a screw on and has been broken and has a small piece of a blue and white sticker that went over the top of the cap to prove its freshness on each side of the cap; the cap is red and has heavy scratches about halfway down it all around; the top has the same monkey an with the words "Anis Del Mono Vicente Bosch" in a gold ring surrounding the person; the labels have all been discolored with burn marks on the top of both front labels the bottom part of the bottle has some red stains which look like rust on the inside on the right of the front label; the bottom has "Anis Del Mono Liquor Bottle" in Raised Glass; found in CS1.CAB3.SHF5 by Jeff Washburn on 7/23/2009