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4: T&E For Materials
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Needle, Netmaking
Textileworking T&E
used by Basque Fishermen in Lekeito, Bizkaia
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Josefina Zugadi Urrosolo
Bizkaia Needle Netmaking Lekeito
net making needle used by Basque fishermen on the coast in Lekeito; the needle is wood and has a very unique shape to it; it has the look of an arrow with a point at one end and two tips at the other end jutting out to form an upside down "U" with the needle, if the top is the point at the other end; after the "U" is a portion that narrows slightly then widens to make the point of the arrow which has the look of a very thin spade, with the middle becoming wide and then thin to make the point; the middle of the spade part has an oval shaped hole with a thin wooden pointed rod going out from the bottom and looks like a second point; this rod and the "U" serve to lace netting string around the needle before the point which would go through the top and around the "U" to make a secure loop multiple with it the beginning of the string looped at the top very securely; this needle is much thicker than the other four listed in this accession file; found in CS1.CAB3.SHF4 by Jeff Washburn on 7/23/2009