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4: T&E For Materials
Joyce C. Frenell Collection
ca. 1896
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Mary "Mamie" Jacobs Shankland Rounseville
Food Service T&E
Aszman, Lucile Palmer Shankland Frenell, Joyce Carolyn Aszman Jacobs, Cyrus Jacobs, Mamie Rounseville, Mary "Mamie" Jacobs Shankland
Mary "Mamie" Jacobs Shankland Rounseville (5/24/1871 - 6/19/1953), passed to daughter Lucile Palmer Shankland Aszman (4/21/1898 - June 1983), passed to daughter Joyce Carolyn Aszman Frenell (5/27/1927 - ).
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Joyce Frenell
China teapot given to Mary "Mamie" Jacobs as a wedding present by her Chinese Ama*. Mamie married John Shankland October 12, 1896. The teapot is cylindrical with an angled shoulder, leading to a flat lid. The spout is very delicate and has a single painted Chinese character. Scenes of birds, butterflies, and a family scene are around the outside of the pot. The design repeats once. Pink flowers and green vines fill in the areas between. All is on a gold background. The edge of the spout is also gold. The double handle is made from thick wire, wrapped in beige cord. There is no maker's mark. It is known that the tea set was stored in a basket - Joyce Frenell still has the basket in Florida - it was not included in the donation. * Conflicting info: Per a transcription of Jeff John's phone conversation with Joyce Frenell on June 16, 2004 (in donor file) - "Chinese porcelain probably from San Francisco - bought by Cyrus Jacobs."