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2: Building Furnishings
Joyce C. Frenell Collection
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Mirror, Wall
Jacobs family, Boise, ID/Mary "Mamie" Jacobs Shankland Rounsevelle
Aszman, Lucile Palmer Shankland Frenell, Joyce Carolyn Aszman Jacobs, Cyrus Jacobs, Mamie Rounsevelle, Mary "Mamie" Jacobs Shankland
Cyrus and Mary Ellen Jacobs passed to Mary "Mamie" Jacobs Shankland Rounsevelle (5/24/1871 - 6/19/1953), passed to daughter Lucile Palmer Shankland Aszman (4/21/1898 - June 1983), passed to daughter Joyce Carolyn Aszman Frenell (5/27/1927 - ).
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Joyce Frenell
Rectangular framed mirror that once hung on the wall of the parlor in the Jacobs Boise residence. It is not known whether the Jacobs family purchased the mirror in Boise, or brought it with them when they moved to Boise. The mirror has a heavy wood frame, about 5" thick on each side of the glass. The first strip of wood next to the glass is a laminated piece. The middle strip is a curved piece with sections of laminate showing a nice wood grain. The outer strip of wood is laminated like the inside strip. Actual opening in the frame for the mirror is 11.75" x 19.75." Square nails were used on the outside edge of the frame to hold it together. It appears that the mirror has had several repairs and/or restoration efforts over the years. On the back of the frame, 4 flat metal L-brackets are at the four corners around the inside opening of the frame. Two new eye screws hold a length of picture wire across the upper 1/3 of the back. A piece of cardboard is behind the glass, held in by nails. The glass itself does not appear to be very old, it is not quite fit to the frame and tends to shift about - strips of wood were inserted in the gaps around the wood holding the mirror to keep it in place. Joyce Frenell did not provide any information about work she has done to the mirror, only that it belonged to the Jacobs family and was placed in the front parlor.