8: Communication Artifact
Object Name: 
weight lifting Basques games chinga carrying
Full frame and all three pictures
framed set of three pictures depicting Basque weightlifitng; labeled by small white label on bottom of the middle picture says "Weight Lifting China Carrying"; all three pictures are of the same size and shape and probably all taken at the same event in Idaho, most likely Boise or Caldwell; the first picture is of four men in a roped off area with one, named Benny Goitiandia, lifting a cylinder shaped weight wearing a Basque weightlifing belt; the second picture is a man carrying chingas in the same room with cylindrical weights on one side; the third is of a man lifting a cylindrical weight above his left shoulder and being spotted by two other men in a roped off area; matting is black with a cream outline; frame is black with the glass of the frame cracked in the middle; the back has glue chunks with red brick dust on the them, probably from the frame being glued up in a building with red brick interior; the back of the frame also has four stamps, two that say "F-7996" and are written consecutively and two are stamped "Canyonside Gallery" and also state the address in Twin Falls, Idaho where the gallery is at; found with no tag by Jeff Washburn on 6/2/2009 in CS1.Row4.SEC1.SHF6