10: Unclassifiable Artifacts
Object Name: 
Photo paper; wood
Need to Classify
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Found in Collection
Basque dancing dancing costume portrait
Front of photograph
A portrait of Juanita Uberuaga Hormaechea in a basque dancing costume; Juanita is standing in front of a green curtain; on a dark hard wooden floor; her body is facing left (when looking at the picture); head facing camera; smiling; shadow reflected on the curtain behind her; black strappy heels on feet; red shiny skirt with 2 black strips ot the bottom; skirt skims ankles; short black shiny apron; white long sleeve shirt; lace at cuffs and neck; black vest that laces in the front; white cap; gray hair up; earrings of gold and many pearls; red lipstick; not covered in glass; high gloss picture Tan frame; 3 raised lines, painted gold, on the inside edge of the frame; outside edge of frame is darker brown; on back in the lower left corner is a white sticker with "Juanita Hormaechea 1321 W Hays St Boise Idaho" written on it in black; in the center is a rectangular gold sticker from Fritchman Galleries; along the very bottom " Juanita 'Uberuaga' 'Aldrich' '1949' " is written in black pen