10: Unclassifiable Artifacts
Music Week
Boise High used to hold a Basque Music Week and that was what the photograph was taken from.
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Photo paper
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Music Week Dancing Uberuaga Boise
Black and white photograph; 9 figures all dressed in basque dancing costumes; standing on stage; 2 microphones at front of stage (far left of photo); microphone closest to photographer says "KDSH"; man in front (Phil Uberuaga) holding a basket of flowers and speaking into a microphone; photograph taken from below stage Frame is wood; painted black; round hole in the center of all four sides; dent and scratches at the center top of frame Back covered in cardboard; held together by 4 silver metal triangles on the left side and 3 silver metal rectangles with a notch in the center; small stain on upper part of cardboard; hand written on left upper corner "APPROXIMATELY 1949-1950 MUSIC WEEK Left to Right John 'Tacolo' Chacategui Txomin Bartabenia Julian Lachiondo Lydia Gandiaga Lachiondo Rash Iglesias Espe ALegria 'Jay' Juanita UBeruaga Hormaecnea Ichardio Phil Uberuaga"