8: Communication Artifact
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front of picture
Picture of what looks to be the coastline of the Basque country, perhaps in Biscay; the picture quality and the items seen make the picture look to have been taken in the 1980's or 1990's; Picture is of a coastline with many waterfront houses right at the water's edge with small boats attached to them which include fishing boats, motor boats and the nearest boat is one made of wood with a small enclosed steering area and a cross on top of the white roof; all houses are basically the same with white walls made of plaster and concrete and the roof being of red tile; the surrounding area is made of dark dense forest with houses visible every so often; the countryside looks hilly and rough with clouds over the top of it; back of picture has multiple prints of the phrase "this paper manufactured by Kodak" and what looks to be the last bits of paper that was held on by adhesive to the picture; found in CS1.Row2.SEC2.SHF2 by Jeff Washburn on 7/1/2009 with no records but a note on the front that says "Found in Back room"