Erquiaga, Andrés "Andrew"

Joseba Chertudi
Interview Location: 
Boise, Idaho
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Andrés was born in the Erquisa (or Erquiaga) baserri in Ispaster, Bizkaia.  His mother passed away when he was very young, leaving his father to care for the 13 children, of which Andrés was the youngest.  His older brothers and sisters helped to raise Andrés.  When he was old enough to stand on his own, they were sad to learn of his decision to leave for America.

Andrés embarked in La Havre and arrived in New York almost 12 days later.  He remembers being terribly seasick the entire time, but a traveling companion cared for him.  After a long trip, Andrés arrived in Shoshone, Idaho, where he met his older brother, José, who had been working in the United States for many years.  The two brothers were 18 years apart, and had never met, but José helped him get to his sisters' home in Boise.

Andrés went to work for Andrew Little's Highland Sheep Company, where he stayed for 7-8 years.  After herding sheep, he worked in a mine in northern Idaho and helped build railroads around Burns, Oregon.

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