Angela Bicandi Larrinaga

1949- Angela Bicandi Larrinaga, playing for youngsters, during the Song of the Basque weekend. JUHC - Bk 42 -00176.

Angela was born on Feb. 12, 1931, in Boise, Idaho. She had a deep and long-lasting love of music. During her studies at St. Teresa’s Academy in Boise, Angela learned to play the accordion. For many years she played at various dances, Basque social events and for a short time, with the Oinkari Basque Dancers. 

Angela played in the first Boise Music week celebration in 1949 and recorded some of the songs and dances for the "Song of the Basque" album. Angela practiced the old Basque folk songs with the Amumas (older Basque grandmothers) of the community for that show. Later in life, her musical love turned to singing and she sang with various church groups during Masses and other special events. Angela passed away on December 8, 2001.

Song of the Basque, original music album. The Allied Record Mfg. Company of Los Angeles, California.

1940s - Domingo Ansotegui (accordion), Angela Bicandi Larrinaga (accordion) , Joe Anacabe (tambourine)

Text  by Eneko Tuduri.

Audio Recording: 
Jota and Porrusalda, 1