Angeles Aldape Murelaga

Angeles (Aldape) Murelaga at Jaialdi 1995.

Angeles was born in 1913. She began playing both the piano and button accordion when she was 15 or 16. Angeles began playing in boarding houses, but after about 3 years she realized that the more she played the less opportunity she had to dance so she stopped playing. Some 35 years later, her daughter, Mary Lou, brought her a button accordion that she had acquired in Hawaii, and Angeles was reminded that she had played one in her youth. Since 1968 she enjoyed playing for her family and social gatherings. She especially loved to play for her friends and others in care facilities and occasionally for travelers and guests at Boise Tour dinners3.   Angeles loved the First Thursday jam sessions at the Basque Museum and so enjoyed sharing some time and music with her Basque musician friends!        


Angeles (Aldape) Murelaga. In front of the Eagle Hotel owned by her parents. Felipe and Maria (Aspiri) Aldape.  c. 1930 (Image courtesy:  Mary Lou Murelaga Guerricabeitia).

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Audio Recording: 
Egia da, Angeles Murelaga and Ray Mansisidor, 2.