Anne Marie Mansisidor

Anne Marie Mansisidor in Haley.

Anne Marie Mansisidor began playing the button accordion (trikitixa) in her thirties. Prior to the accordion, her music background was with the clarinet and piano lessons in school.  Because of her experience with the piano, one would think that Anne Marie would play the piano accordion, but she ended up playing the button accordion because of the strong influence of her father, Ray Mansisidor, and his playing of the button accordion throughout her lifetime.

According to Anne Marie, the button accordion was more fun, energetic and lively to her so she ended up choosing this instrument. The piano accordion is a heavier instrument and more uncomfortable to manage. She was inspired to begin learning to play the button accordion when Dan Ansotegui, Gina Urquidi and Ana Mendiola created the Txantxagorriak trikitixa and pandareta group of Boise in 2001. On the Fathers’ Day of that same year she surprised her dad, Ray, by bringing out her button accordion in her parents’ home and playing some music she had recently learned. What a wonderful gift to her father and something that was completely unexpected!

Anne Marie had played with Txantxangorriak and for the Nagusiak, or older section of the Boiseko Gasteak Basque Dancers for three years when Jimmy Jausoro died in 2004.  Upon his passing, she began playing button accordion for the Oinkari Basque Dancers

Between her musical influences at the time of playing accordion, she tells about Kepa Junkera and Joseba Tapia as Basque Country musicians. From the new country accordionist, she focuses on Jimmy Jausoro, Jean Flesher, Jean Louis Curuchet and Bernardo Yanci. She also recognized influence from the Texas Tornados, as a band where accordions are mixed in a rock band, versus the traditional Basque band of accordion and tambourine. The person who has influenced her playing the most is her dad, Ray Mansisidor.

Since she took piano lessons in school, she can read and has even tried to write her own music. Anne Marie plays primarily by ear with other people if she doesn’t know the tune. Her favorite songs to play are Albistur, a Jota, Bide Alegarri (a biribilketa), and Udaberri with the Txantxangorriak group.

Family members used to play various instruments in a band for family reunions. We can hear Mansisidor family members playing in both of the Basque Music of Boise Vol. I and Vol. II recordings. 

Basque Music of Boise, Vol. 2, track 30.1 Basque Music of Boise, Vol. 2, track 30.

Annie and her father Ray Mansisidor in a first thursday on the Basque Museum and Cultural Center.

Audio Recording: 
Al Dolarita Ray, Anne Marie & PJ Mansisidor, 1.
Waltz, R.Mansisidor & Family