Morrie Berriochoa

Morrie began playing drums in 1990 under the guidance of Dan Ansotegui. Dan showed Morrie the basic rhythm patterns for rock, swing, waltz and marches and he would go to Dan's house to practice a few times a week. He became the drummer for Ordago about a year later when Dan, the original drummer, left the group to open Bar Gernika. Morrie became interested in the tambourine or panderoa during Jaialdi '87 when he saw the trikitixa duo of Tapia and Leturia. It was Leturia's charismatic style which compelled him to learn and so on his vacation to Euskadi shortly after Jaialdi 1990, he bought a panderoa and began to teach himself. He began by listening to tapes of Tapia and Leturia and trying to play along. Fortunately, the other half of the duo, Joseba Tapia, while on vacation in Boise, showed him a few more techniques which further increased his competence on tambourine. He and Dan used to play trikitixa together for different celebrations. 

Morrie was an Oinkari Basque Dancer for many years until the mid 90's. Then he accompanied the dancers on a trip to Washington D.C., playing the tambourine. In addition to being a drummer for Ordago, he played drums and sang vocals for Gaupasa off and on until the group was disbanded in 2006. 

After his marriage to Allison Hardesty in 1999, his involvement in the Basque music scene was somewhat limited. However, in 2004, when his little daughter began dancing with Boise’ko Gazteak, he joined Dan Ansotegui, playing tambourine for the group which he currently continues to do.

1 Information obtained from a personal interview with Morrie and from the Jaialdi 1995 booklet.

2 Basque Music of Boise, Vol 1, track 3.

Audio Recording: 
Erromerian. Mary Murelaga and Morrie Berriochoa, 2.