Coro (Gil) Goitiandia

2012 - Coro Goitiandia, Jordan Valley Centennial Celebration.

Coro was born in Donostia, Gipuzkoa in 1945.  She reminisced that her amona (grandmother) used to play pandereta and she and her sister always had panderetas beginning at a very young age. They used to go caroling to the homes of people that they knew on Christmas Eve with their panderetas.

Coro married and then moved to Boise, Idaho in 1972.  She hadn’t played pandareta for a long time, but in 2004, her niece gave her a beautiful new one for Mother’s Day.  She decided to practice and re-learn how to play.  Coro states, “I have always loved anything that has to do with music, singing and dancing.  I was always involved in choir when going to school and was a part of a dancing group.” 

Coro was a member of the first Basque choir in Boise, Anaiak Danok, and sang with that choir for three years.  She began singing with the Biotzetik Basque Choir in 1992 and is still an important member of the group today.  They sing for weddings, anniversaries and other social gatherings.  She has been involved in the women’s social organization, Aiztan Artean, since 1976.  Coro plays pandareta as part of a small group called Beti Gazte, she plays for First Thursday Jam Sessions at the Basque Museum & Cultural Center, and often plays for older Basques at assisted living facilities or in their homes.

2016 - July, Coro playing in the San Inazio Basque festival.

2016 - Coro Goitiandia (second from the left, with Anne Marie Mansisidor, Mary Lou Guerricabeitia, and Ray Mansisidor.

Audio Recording: 
Coro Gil Goitiandia on pandareta & vocals, Ray Mansisidor on accordion, Patty Miller on Guitar & vocals for Boise 150! Celebrati