David Romtvedt

2011 - David Romtvetd playing accordion on NABO convention.

David Romtvedt was born in Portland, Oregon and grew up in Southern Arizona.  A graduate of Reed College and the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop, he studied as a graduate fellow in folklore and ethnomusicology at the University of Texas.  After serving in the Peace Corps in the Congo and Rwanda and on a sister city construction project in Jalapa, Nicaragua, he worked as the folk arts program manager for the Centrum Foundation.  He also has worked as a carpenter, college professor and musician, among many other jobs.

He teaches in the MFA program for writers at the University of Wyoming and served as the state's poet laureate from 2003 to 2011.  His books include:  Moon; Free and Compulsory for All; How Many Horses; Windmill: Essays from Four Mile Ranch; A Flower Whose Name I Do Not Know; Crossing Wyoming; and Some Church.  His most recent books are Buffalotarrak, an Anthology of the Basques of Buffalo, Wyoming (2011) and the novel Zelestina Urza in Outer Space (2015), both from the Center for Basque Studies at the University of Nevada.  Romtvedt is the recipient of the Wyoming Governor's Arts Award, a Wyoming Arts Council Literature fellowship, the Pushcart Prize, the National Poetry series award, and two NEA fellowships in poetry and music.  

As a musician in the band Fireants, Romtvedt performs dance music of the Americas and has released three recordings, It’s Hot (About Three Weeks a Year), Bury my Clothes, and Ants on Ice.  

He married into a Basque family that came to Wyoming from Arnegi in Nafarroa Beherea. With the band Ospa, he performs Basque music of Buffalo, Wyoming and the Basque Country.  Ospa’s recording Hori Da! (That’s It!) was released in September 2016.  As an accordionist David served for many years as the musical accompanist for the Buffalo, Wyoming Basque Dance Troupe—Zaharrar Segi.

1, Ospa, Hori da (That's it is) Album relased in September 2016, into a non profit purposes project. © Ospa. Members of Ospa: Kevin Carr (alboka, viola, violin tambourine, vocals), Margo Brown (hand percussion vocals), David Romtvedt (flugelhorn, diatonic accordion, vocals, trikitixa and three row), Caitlin Romtvedt (saxophone, violin, vocals), Daniel Steinberg (piano, transverse flute, vocals). 

Audio Recording: 
Txoriak Txori (Hegoak), Ospa, 1.