Gabica (Gogeaskoa), Maria Arte (Chevarria)

Joseba Chertudi
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Nampa, Idaho
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Maria was born in Ereño, Bizkaia, to Joe and Micaela Gabica(gogeaskoa).  She moved to Idaho when she was barely two years old, and so has no recollection of her life in Euskadi.  Her family homesteaded in Owyhee, and Maria began school in Kuna.  Her father was a shepherd at the time, and her mother cooked for the camps, so the family tended to follow the sheep.

Maria had a very pleasant life at the sheep ranch.  She helped her mother out a lot, and danced whenever possible.  She describes the Basque social scene at the various camps in some detail.  Maria quit high school to follow her dream of training as a nurse, and she met her husband at the hospital when he came in with a punctured foot.  She and Joaquin Arte were married in 1925

Maria is glad that her own children have had an easier time in the United States, but has made sure that they appreciate their Basque heritage.  Her parents were hard workers and charitable community members, a fact that reinforces Maria's pride in her heritage.

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Pleasant Memories
From Nurse to Wife
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