Gabiola, Cristobal "Chris"

Joseba Chertudi
Interview Location: 
Boise, ID
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Cristobal was born in Mendexa, Bizkaia on 10 July 1885.  His father was a farmer, judge, and the town mayor.  After going to school for six years in Mendexa, his father sent Cristobal to a private school in Lekeitio.  When he finished, he studied to become a finish carpenter in Bilbao.

Cristobal's older brother was working in Boise, Idaho.  In 1915, their father gave Cristobal the money he would need for his passage to America, encouraging him to return home after he made some money.  Cristobal went to work for Boise Payette Lumber Company.  When he learned that sheep herders were earning better wages, he left Boise Payette and herded sheep.  In 1927, he and his future brother-in-law, Gregorio Alberdi, established the Gabiola & Alberdi Cattle and Sheep Company in Caldwell, Idaho.

Cristobal married Secundina Egurrola in Boise, Idaho in 1949.  They built a house and settled in Caldwell.

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