Gandiaga, Henry

Mikel Chertudi
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Castleford, ID
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Henry was born 11 February 1930 in Castleford, Idaho, to Frank Gandiaga and Rosa Bilbao.  His father immigrated to Idaho at the turn of the century, where he met Rosa in her family's boarding house.  Henry details his parents histories, including their separation prior to WWII.  Growing up, he spent a lot of time at his grandmother's boarding house in Twin Falls, and he describes this colorful setting.

Henry's family spoke mostly English at home, but he was constantly exposed to the Basque culture through his association with the herders and other families in town.  He eventually went to the University of Idaho to study agriculture, but was soon drafted into the Korean War.  Since he had always intended to be a farmer, Henry returned to Castleford when he had finished his service.

Henry married Beverly Reeves in 1955, and the couple has three children who have shown great interest in the Basque culture.  He has taken a wonderful trip to Euskadi, and describes his emotion at since his ancestral homeland.  Today, Henry and his wife are active members of the Gooding Basque Association, and enjoy attending local cultural events.

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Basque herders
Grandmother's house
The trip to the Basque Country
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