Goitandia, Benedicto "Benny"

Mikel and Daniel Chertudi
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Kuna, ID
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Benny was born in Aulestia in May 1933 to Francisco Goitiandia and Juliana Lekuona.  He has vivid memories of his childhood and life after the Spanish Civil War, when his father was imprisoned by those who rose to power.

Benny came to the United States in 1952.  When he arrived at the airport in Boise, a rancher met him to take him to a ranch in Mountain Home, Idaho where Benny's uncle was a foreman.  He worked with the sheep for four years, then moved to Idaho City as a logger, and began a long career as a butcher in 1957.  He started weightlifting around this time.

Weightlifting soon became one of Benny's passions, a sport at which he excelled.  He has traveled across the United States for competitions and exhibitions.  Actively involved in the Basque community in Boise and surrounding area, Benny is a pillar of the community and a staunch supporter of Basque culture and sports.

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Father in prison
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