Goitandia, Coro Gil

Begoña Pecharroman
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Boise, ID
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Coro was born in Donostia (San Sebastian), Gipuzkoa on 10 August 1945 to Alejo Gil and Antonia Anitua.  She enjoyed school a great deal, and remembers the nuns who ran the school and taught cooking, typing, sewing, embroidering in addition to normal classes.  Even though she lost her parents at an early age, Coro found joy in schoolwork and friendships, learning how to adapt well to changes.  Her ability to adapt proved invaluable when she decided to emigrate to the United States.

Shortly after she finished school, Coro traveled to England to work as an au pair.  During her two year engagement, she took the opportunity to learn as much English as she could.  When she returned to the Basque country, Coro found a position as a secretary, where she stayed until she married in 1971.  Her ear for languages enabled her to maintain Basque, Spanish, English, and French during this time.

Coro and her husband, Enrique Goitiandia, decided to move to the United States in 1972.  She had serious reservations about the move, but made it a point to adjust to life in Boise, Idaho as best she could.  Coro was successful.  She and Enrique settled in Boise, where Coro found work with Boise Cascade, using her Spanish to serve as a liason with their divisions in South  America.  Today, she teaches Spanish, French, and Latin in Montessori schools.  Coro is very active in the Basque community, volunteering at the Basque Center and Basque Museum, is a member of Aiztan Artean, a Basque women's social club, and sings in the Biotzetik Basque choir.

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Adjusting to the U.S.
First job in Boise
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