Goitandia, Enrique

Mikel and Daniel Chertudi
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Boise, ID
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Enrique was born in Aulestia, Bizkaia on 1 November 1945 to Francisco Goitiandia and Juliana Lekuona.  He enjoyed school as a child, and remembers one of his teachers, a man with a mind like a calculator.  One of eight children, Enrique grew up working on the family baserri, going to school, and playing with his friends in the hills around Aulestia.

At 14, Enrique went to college to study engineering.  His studies were cut short when he fled to the United States in the Spring of 1966.  He has vivid memories of the political situation in the Basque country in the 1950s and 60s.

Upon his arrival in the Boise, Idaho, Enrique found work with Yanke Machine Shop and enrolled in some engineering classes at Boise State University.  He wanted to finish the degree he had started in the Basque country.  In 1969, Enrique was drafted into the US Army, and to Vietnam as a convoy truck driver , where he spent 10 months.  Enrique has worked for Hewlett Packard for many years, and has built a beautiful cabin in the mountains outside of Lowman, ID where he goes very often to hunt, to work or to relax.

After his service, Enrique returned to the Basque country to see his longtime girlfriend, Coro Gil.  They were married in 1972, and moved to Boise.  Enrique settled with his family in Boise, and has been very active in the Basque community.  He helped form the popular Biotzetik Basque Choir in the 1970s, and is a member of the Boise Basque Center.

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Biotzetik choir
Teacher in Aulestia
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