Guerricabeitia, Jose Luis

Mikel and Daniel Chertudi
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Boise, ID
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Jose Luis was born in Munitibar, Bizkaia on 16 December 1941 to Antonio Guerricabeitia and Felipa Arriaga.  He was raised on a small baserri in the middle of town, where his family grew corn, wheat, coffee, and other produce as well as cattle.  They grew almost everything they needed and took the rest to Monday market in Gernika.  When he finished school at 14, Jose Luis went to work at a carpentry shop.  At 18, prompted by his responsibility as the oldest son to help support his family, he made arrangements to leave for the United States.

In November 1960, Jose Luis boarded a train packed with passengers bound for Madrid and Lisbon.  From Lisbon, he flew through New York and Kansas to Boise, Idaho, where relatives greeted him at the airport.  Not long after, Jose Luis was at the Highland Sheep Ranch caring for a band of 2700 ewes.  He worked for the sheep company under two consecutive contracts, returning to Munitibar in 1967 to work on the baserri and complete his military service.  Jose Luis met his wife, Rosa María, and married in 1971.  They decided to move to the United States and he became a citizen that year.

Jose Luis worked as a dairy farmer, butcher, mobile home cabinetmaker, construction worker, and landscaper before settling into a job with Yanke Machine Shop, where he works to this day.  He and his family have enjoyed visiting friends and relatives in the Basque country.

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