Henry Arguinchona

June 3, 1955, Boise - Mrs. Reinold Klyn, HenryArguinchona (accordion) Julia Luque and Larry Arguinchona (ready to dance) were among the entretainers at the international pary given Wednesday.

Henry was raised in the middle of the Boise’s Basque community and became interested in learning to play the accordion when he was about 11 or 12 years of age in 1946 or 1947.  He remembers taking lessons from a female instructor at one of the local music stores for about two years.  Henry learned to read music and would play at family gatherings at the Delamar Boarding House that his parents operated and where he grew up.  He also played at the Basque Center and at other social gatherings in Boise.  Henry continued to play into his college years.  His music brought much joy to his mother, Laura Luque Arguinchona, who loved music and dance and social gatherings.

Brief interview with Henry Arguinchona by Patty A. Miller on 9.13.2016