Hormaechea, Telesforo "Teles"

Joseba Chertudi
Interview Location: 
Boise, ID
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Teles was born in Mendata, Bizkaia on 5 January 1903 to Domingo Hormaechea and Paula Astelarra.  His parents were farmers.  When he told his family of his plans to emigrate to the United States, his father was the only one to encourage him.  His mother and siblings had reservations about the journey, but Teles was optimistic and happy.

At 17, he arrived at Ellis Island, New York on the "La Touraine," a French ship that left from La Havre, France.  Teles was destined for California, but ended up in Nevada, where he found work as sheep herder for Smoke Creek Sheep Company.

Teles eventually made it to California, where he met his wife, María Encarna.  They married in Fallon, Nevada in 1929 and moved to Homedale, Idaho in 1930.  Teles worked for a number of sheep companies in Idaho, including Mendiola Sheep Co., Archabal Sheep Co., Jump Creek Sheep Co., and as a farmer and foreman for Simplot in Marsing and Caldwell.  His children, Richard, Dolores, and Daniel, were born and raised in Idaho.  Active in the Boise Basque community, Teles served on the board of directors of the Basque Center and was elected as its second president.

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