Iglesias, Oracio "Rash"

Daniel Chertudi
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Boise, ID
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Rash was born in 1920 in Mountain Home, Idaho to Saturnino Iglesias and Rufina Benita Nachiondo.  His father had come to the United States in 1906 to work for his uncle's sheep company, and eventually went into partnership with Jose Bengoechea.  Rash's mother came to Mountain Home in 1916 work for her sister, Margaret Bengoechea, at the Basque Hotel.  Rash remembers his mother's extraordinary involvement in the town's Basque community.

Surrounded by other Basques in Mountain Home during the Great Depression, Rash grew up with a sense of what it meant to be part of a close community.  He shares some of his more poignant memories from the early 1930s.  In 1943, he enlisted in the US Army and was sent to Europe, where he served in the Signal Corps through 1945.  Rash came home and enrolled at the University of Idaho, graduating in 1949.  He started a 36 year career with the US Bureau of Reclamation in Boise. 

In his detailed explanation of how the Basque Center was initiated, funded and built, Rash draws attention to the nature of the Basque community in Boise.  He praises Basque women's organizations for their efforts.

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Building the Basque Center
Speaking on his mother
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