Inocencio Catalino

1949 - Sheepherders Ball in Boise Idaho, Inocencio Catalino “Arrieta” playing accordion with Jose Ansotegui.

Inocencio Catalino was a sheep herder and camp-tender for John Archabal ‘til 1949 and then for Wood Creek Sheep Co. out of Grandview, Idaho. The foreman’s daughter, Josephine Lecona Miller, remembers him repairing watches as a hobby. She recalls that he always took out the first band (lead band with the older/single lambs) and she or Ted Lecona (her father, the foreman) would move his camp for him.  He was always given a saddle horse to ride, but his preference was to walk.  The lambs from his band were the first to be shipped to market each year (as they were the oldest) and he would get very upset if any of the other herders in the outfits had lambs that weighed more than his! He would work in the sheep industry during summer and spring and would stay in town during the winter months.

Inocencio Catalino was known as “Arrieta” or “Arrieta Soinulari”  (Arrieta Musician) and played for years in the boarding houses of Mountain Home.  In the 1940s “Arrieta” was a well-known musician playing accordion for Basque social events in Boise and Mountain Home, Idaho and then stayed more-closely connected with Mountain Home in the 1950s and 1960s. He played for weddings, Sheepherder’s Balls, and Catholic Mass gatherings. Basilio Susaeta also remembers “Arrieta” playing in the sheep camps. He died around 1977.

Additional information provided by Josephine Lecona Miller & Basilio Susaeta.

Dec. 28, 1948 -  Joe Ansotegui (tambourine) and Inocencio Catalino (accordion) playing for a Sheepherders Ball in the Riverside ballroom. Jay Uberuega Hormaechea collection.

Dec. 2, 1934 - Inocencio Catalino plays at a Ball.