Isasi, Felix

Daniel Chertudi
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Emmett, ID
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Felix was born on 20 January 1945 in Bermeo, Bizkaia, to Juan Isasi and Nikolasa Andicoechea.  Felix describes his childhood on the family ranch, including farm chores and the building of a new house.  His youth was a happy one.  To help his family make money, Felix worked in a fish factory for a few years before being drafted into the army, which he very much disliked.  When he had finished, he worked in a bar for two years before jumping at the chance to get a job in the US.

The life of sheepherder was often lonely, and Felix describes his 3-year experience.  When he got his green card, he began working for a lumber mill, and has been in Emmett for many years.  Working with Americans allowed Felix to lean a lot of English.

Today, Felix is selling his house to return to the Basque country.  Although he has enjoyed his time in America, he  has no family ties here, and would like to retire closer to his relatives.  The Basque Country has changed a lot over the years, but Felix has already purchased a house there.

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Back in Euskadi
The new house
Sheepherder life
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