Jake Murgoitio

Jake Murgoitio.

Jim (Jimmy) Jausoro passed down his passion for music to a young musician, Jake Murgoitio, of Boise, ID.  Prior to learning piano accordion, Jake danced with the Herribatza Dantzariak (Homedale, ID) for approximately nine years under the direction of Gloria Garatea Lejardi.

Jake began taking weekly lessons from Jimmy in the early 2000s on Friday afternoons at his home in Boise after interest was sparked from Jimmy’s weekly practices with the Herribatza Dantzariak. Debuting on July 28, 2003 at the San Inazio Basque Festival in Boise, the young musician was quite nervous, but slowly built confidence with continued mentorship from Jimmy and tambourine accompanist, Juan Zulaica. Jake continued with lessons until Jimmy’s passing in 2004. Jim’s patience and compassion for teaching Basque music was one of his most admirable qualities as a long-standing musician of the Basque community.

Starting in 2004, Jake began playing for the Herribatza Dantzariak and Oinkari Basque Dancers while he attended undergraduate studies at the College of Idaho. Playing for the Oinkari dancers at Sunday afternoon practices and Herribatza on Monday evenings enabled the young musician to learn new songs and make life-long friendships with many of the dancers and directors. Jake thoroughly enjoyed playing for the two groups, including the Oinkari trips to New York City in February 2010 for the Basque Museum’s Ellis Island exhibit and in Shanghai, China 2010 for the World Expo.

Playing for the Herribatza and Oinkari groups continued until the spring of 2011 when Jake moved to Philadelphia to attend graduate school in physician assistant studies and public health.

2003, 28 July - Jake playing with Jimmy