Jausoro, Isabel

Daniel Chertudi
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Boise, Idaho
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Isabel was born in Glenns Ferry, Idaho in 1921 to Hilario Larrondo and María Gastanaga, both of whom worked on a ranch owned by the only doctor in town.  When Isabel was only 2 months old, her family was returning home from a Thanksgiving gathering in a horse-drawn buggy.  A train passed them and spooked the horses, throwing the family off the buggy.  Her mother was injured and had to go to Boise for treatment.  As a result, Isabel and her siblings moved in with other families for a few months.  She discusses how the incident affected her family.

Isabel's family eventually moved to Boise; she describes the Basque community in the 1930s and 40s.  She met her husband, Jim Jausoro, at a boarding house dance where he was playing the accordion.  He built a reputation as an accordionist, playing at dances and other Basque social events.  They were married in 1953.

Isabel lives in Boise with her husband and sister.  They and her children share her passion for the Basque culture, immersing themselves in the Boise Basque community in a variety of ways.

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Buggy Accident, and Its Effect on Her Family
Working for the Idaho State Chamber of Commerce
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