Jausoro, Jim "Jimmy"

John Bieter
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Boise, Idaho
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Jim was born in Nampa, Idaho on 30 December 1920 to Tomas Jausoro and Tomasa Mallea.  There were many Basques in Nampa at the time, and Jim remembers that his neighborhood was predominantly Basque.  His family ran the Spanish Hotel, one of several boarding houses in Nampa, and Jim remembers the Basque sheep herders who spent their free time at the boarding house.  From an early age, it was Jim's responsibility to meet Basques at the train station and bring them to the house.  He listened to the herders play music, which inspired him to pursue his own musical ability.

In 1933, Jim pooled the money he had saved and some jackpot winnings, and bought his first accordion.  He taught himself to play by ear and with help from friends, and soon became known for his talent.  He played at social events, boarding houses, pool halls, and a variety of other places.  In 1942, Jim joined the US Navy, where he was sent to the South Pacific to serve on and protect merchant ships.  Jim retired from the Navy in 1946, and returned to Nampa, where he worked for the Union Pacific Railroad until his retirement in 1981.  He married Isabel Larrondo in 1953 and raised two children.

Throughout his youth, military, and professional life, Jim continued to play the music he loved.  He started the Jim Jausoro Band with some friends in 1957, building lifelong friendships with the other musicians.  In Boise, he is best known for his decades of musical accompaniment and dedication to the Oinkari Basque Dancers.

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Jim Describes Life at the Spanish Hotel in Nampa, Idaho
He Buys His First Accordion
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