Jausoro, Lydia

Daniel Chertudi
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Boise, ID
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Lydia was born in Mountain Home, Idaho on 28 March 1920 to Pablo Sillonis and Julia Chacartegui.  Her earliest memory is of her brother walking her to school for the 1st grade.  She describes the Basque community in Mountain Home, where she lived until shortly after graduating from high school in 1937.

Lydia enrolled in Boise Business College for two years and entered the work force, finding positions with the Idaho State Senate and the Work Projects Administration.  She met her husband, Louie Jausoro, whom she had known in Mountain Home, and the two were married in 1946.  After marrying, Lydia went to work for the Air National Guard, and later for the Army National Guard.  She retired from the latter in 1980.

Lydia and Louie settled in Boise to raise their family.  They jumped into the Basque community and are charter members of the Boise Basque Center.  She remembers the boarding houses, which were hubs of social activity.  A strong supporter of the Basque culture in Boise, Lydia sees a need for continued dialogue between Boise and the Basque country.  

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Basques in Mountain Home
Boarding houses in prohibition
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