Jayo, Anunciaciόn "Anunci"

Joseba Chertudi
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Boise, Idaho
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Anunci was born in Lekeitio, Bizkaia on 25 March 1887.  In 1909, after finishing school and working in several towns in the Basque country, Anunci made her decision to come to the United States, where one of her uncles was living.  She took a train to Paris, France, and boarded "La Provence," a French steamer, to New York.  After a brief stay at Valentín Aguirre's boarding house, she took another train to Mountain Home, Idaho.

In Mountain Home, Anunci worked at a boarding house owned by Josefa and Peru Anchustegui.  After two years, she moved to Boise and found a position as a maid at the Capitol Hotel.  Eight years later, she married Anastasio Jayo, who was working as a sheep herder, at St. John's Cathedral in Boise.  She and her husband opened a boarding house soon after they married, and Anunci took classes to become a US citizen.  Anastasio passed away in 1938, but Anunci continued to take care of the boarding house for another 5 years, relying on help from her four children. 

Anunci became a pillar of the Boise Basque community.  She participated in many social events, and was known for her ability to balance a bucket on her head, a skill she demonstrated at the annual Basque picnics.

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