Joe Anacabe

1949- Joe Anacabe playing drums for a Sheepherders Ball in Boise Idaho, with Jose Apariasi playing txistu.

Jose Anacabe was a tambourine and drum player in the 1940s in Boise, and Idaho Basque social events. He used to play, among others, with Jimmy Jausoro or Dom Ansotegui before they formed the band. Also with Angela Bicandi and Valen Letemendi, Jose Ansotegui, or Ambrosio Aparicio. He played the guitar with the Arego’s in jam sessions.  The many appearances he had in the pictures of the sheepherders ball of the 1940s, shows us his implication in the Basque community of Boise and Idaho.

1950s - Joe Anacabe  Domingo Ansotegui Sylvia Goicoechea Sillonis Collection BMCC

1948, Aug. 1st - Basque Dancers (front row) Bene Garmendia, Sylvia Goicoechea, Eloise Garmendia and Priscilla Saizar. Musicians back row, Domingo Ansotegui, Angela Bicandi and Joe Anacabe.