Joe Mendive

Joe Mendive in Elko, Nevada phtograph. 

Joe Mendive recorded live performances of Basque music for decades. His reel-to-reel collections were a major resource of good quality Basque music for several archives. In addition, he shared excellent musical selections from
a variety of performers in the Basque Country, both Spain and France.

Mendive hosted Basque music performers in his home for more than 30 years, listened to them play, and recorded their performances. This Basque-American appreciated quality sound recordings and had made a considerable effort to select and record different types of Basque music. From Jimmy Jausoro's orchestra in 1972 to the newer music of the 90's’, Joe Mendive was there with his recording equipment to preserve the music of any particular moment.

Mendive, a native of Elko, Nevada, became involved with the Basque Club Organization there when it formed in 1964, and later became the Grand Marshall for Elko's 30th National Basque Festival. He received numerous awards for providing music for the dances, and received the Silver Plaque in 1998 when he was chosen as Grand Marshall for the 25th National Basque Festival. In 1970, the Elko Basque Dancers awarded him the title: "Music Man." Also, he participated in a Basque music project from its inception in 1995 and provided quality cassette tapes for the Idaho Arts Archives and research center collections.

From T. Khteian-Keeton: Guide to Basque Music, Idaho Arts Archives & Research Center, Inc. Boise, Idaho.

Audio Recording: 
Jimmy Jausoro band in Elko, NV. Recorded by Joe Mendive. (1970 to 1974)