Joseph “Joe" R. Arralde

Joe was born in 1934 in Yakima, Washington, the son of Jose A. and Maria Elena (Elizalde) Arralde.  At a young age Joe took piano lessons and by the time he was 12, his mother took him to take accordion lessons from Yakima’s premier instructor, Al Maletta. Under Mr. Maletta’s tutelage, Joe’s skills increased and in his teens he became an instructor for the Maletta-Deccio Accordion Studio.  He went on to teach accordion for nearly twenty years at the studio. Raised in the Arralde boarding house in Yakima, Joe would often be found entertaining the boarders or playing for family gatherings.  He also played at non-Basque social events in the community.  His mother, Elena, played the piano and it is likely that his love of music was instilled in him by her.

Joe graduated with a degree in music composition from the University of Washington in 1960 and with a degree in Education from Central Washington University in 1968. He taught for approximately 25 years in two school districts before passing away at the early age of 58 in 1993.  Joe married Beverly Maletta, daughter of his instructor and his accordion student, and together they raised a family of six children.  Joe and Bev gave all their children a love of music. One daughter, Cathy, is a music teacher, and one son, Michael, has a well-known accordion repair business in Kent, Washington.

Joe was an outstanding, gifted and rarely talented accordionist and musician.  His degree in music composition allowed him to compose a fifteen minute orchestral piece designed for three accordions.  Pensamientos Espanoles was dedicated to the memory of Joe’s sister, Isabel, and his father and in celebration of his first son, Joe, who was born just four hours after his father completed the music score.  Joe’s children, Joe and Cathy, later had the original score written for a full orchestra by Ken Lampl, a Julliard School of Music instructor, and it was then professionally recorded in New York.

His skill and love of music can be heard on the recordings included here.

Joseph R. Arralde - Pensamientos Espanoles.

1968 - Joe R. Arralde.

1957 - 24 Sept - J. Arralde Band Manuel in Middle Row. 

Audio Recording: 
Pensamientos Espanoles, first movement (Orchestra).
Pensamientos (accordion live) 1st movement
Espana Cani (1958)
Hora Staccato